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Lesson Plans

If you're an EFL teacher with a busy schedule, download and print out these full lesson plans, complete with student worksheets and teacher's notes. These lesson plans cover a wide range of topics related to the news, activism and social justice. Download a PDF now!


The Anti-Lockdown Movement, Listening Lesson plan


In this listening lesson plan students get to watch a video from the BBC about the anti-lockdown movement in the UK, answer comprehension questions and discuss the topic with a partner.


Speaking up at Work – Role Plays Lesson Plan


In this lesson students get the opportunity to practice "speaking up at work" through a set of role-play scenarios, which they complete with a partner. Examples include asking for a payrise, reporting racism to a supervisor and requesting work spaces be made more accessible.


May Day – Lesson Plan


In this advanced lesson plan, students learn some fun facts about British May Day traditions, as well as learn about some of the more radical origins of the day. Reading and speaking skills are practiced.


The Meghan and Harry Interview - Listening Lesson Plan


In this intermediate lesson plan, students listen to a three-minute clip of the Oprah Winfrey interview with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. They also have the chance to discuss their opinions about the entire royal controversy.

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