Whether you’re an EFL teacher or student, you can download and use these worksheets for free! Topics range from using they/them pronouns, dealing with bullying in the workplace and the climate crisis.

Are Emojis Ruining Language?


In this advanced-level worksheets students read an article from The Guardian about the impact of emojis on language. They then answer comprehension questions and discuss the topic with a partner.

Homonyms in The Headlines – worksheet


In this worksheet students learn a series of common homonyms and are tasked with recognising them in a list of newspaper headlines. They also get to complete a crossword

Silent Letters in the Headlines – worksheet


In this worksheet students identify silent letters in a list of words, complete an exercise where they have to decide which word best fits in some newspaper headlines, & finally complete a speaking exercise using the vocabulary they have learned

Homophones in the Headlines – worksheet


In this worksheet students have to guess the homophone based on a 'crossword clue'. They then look at newspaper headlines and guess the missing homophone

"German Climate Change Law Violates Rights, Court Rules" - Reading – worksheet


In this worksheet students get to read an article about a change to Germany's laws on climate change as well as practice some punctuation & capitalisation rules, test their grammar knowledge, and learn some new vocabulary

Bullying in the Workplace - reading worksheet


With this worksheet, students can practice their reading skills whilst at the same time learn some practical skills for dealing with workplace bullying

International Women’s Day Quiz – worksheet


Students can practice their reading skills using this fun quiz about International Women's Day

What Are Your Pronouns? – worksheet


Learn how to answer the question "what are your pronouns?" in this intermediate worksheet

Talking About the News in English – worksheet


Practice some phrases for talking about the news in English

"Boycott French Products Launched Over Macron’s Islam Comments" - Tenses for talking about the news worksheet


Test your knowledge of English tenses, using this article about the call from several Arab countries to boycott French products

"UK Government Abandons Self-Identification Plan for Trans People" - reading worksheet


Make flashcards for learning new vocabulary related to trans rights in the UK in this intermediate worksheet

"Trump Retweets Video of Supporter Shouting 'White Power'" - reading worksheet


Discover more about racism in the States with this new worksheet. Learn new vocabulary and test your reading skills